Join us in helping families suffering from the effects of cancer.

Each year, Christmas For Cancer Families selects a number of families suffering from the effects of cancer. With your donations, we do the following:

Purchase and deliver Christmas presents

Give a home makeover to one deserving family

Send a family to a cabin at Bear Lake for a week

Our first annual fundraising gala was a success. Thank you to all of you for your support!

Thank you to our 2023 Sponsors!

In loving memory of Riley Culley

My sweet son fought long and hard to give his family and friends each day he was here, and each one was a gift. Riley now fights in our behalf without being seen, only felt. My heart is so full, as well as broken, as I once again am faced with the awareness that having this be a tribute to Riley is acknowledging he beat me to heaven.

I love my dear son and miss him more than words can begin to describe, but for him, and because of him, and with his continued help, I will live like Riley and help those who are suffering.

I hate cancer. I wish I could take it away, but since I cannot, I will do what I can to soften the painful wake it leaves behind.

We also remember and love the following individuals:

  • Dani Madsen
  • Amber Briggs
  • Eli Augustine
  • Brandy Mitchell

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We are so grateful for the CFCF organization. They have truly given us hope. When my 4 year old son Timmy was diagnosed with Leukemia we heartbroken and devastated. Our world had been turned upside down. During this time we were in the middle of adding on to our home to accommodate our family of 7. That project quickly came to a halt, but thanks to CFCF we were blessed to have our home completely finished. It was a miracle and more beautiful than we could have ever hoped for. CFCF has given us home to be proud of, a major financial burden lifted, room for all my family and a clean place to for Timmy to heal. Our lives have been forever changed because of their generosity. Thank you CFCF.

With Love, Jonathan, Darci and family.

Participating in service projects has always been an important part of our mission, and we have worked with many organizations over the years. But never have we worked with someone who is as driven, passionate and organized as Jackie Culley, of Christmas for Cancer Families. Watching her in action and being a part of the tremendous projects she so capably tackles is an experience never to be forgotten. I highly recommend this to any business or organization that wants to be involved in something life affirming and faith building. It is a truly remarkable experience that will be cherished always.

Leslie Woodmansee

President and Co-Founder, Enium Capital Group

During my initial diagnosis of brain cancer Jackie and Christmas For Cancer Families helped offer ease during a time that is often so difficult for so many. As we opened gifts they had given us on Christmas morning, we were overcome to the point of tears at the generosity of so many involved. This organization and its mission has touched the lives of many, and I’m sure that it will only continue for years to come.

Ashlyn Rinehart

The year 2021 was a year that turned our lives upside down. Life can be relentless sometimes with zero explanation. That is what 2021 was for my family and I when I received news of my breast cancer diagnoses at age 31. However, the year 2021 was also a year where we experienced a love and support never felt before. We felt that love for sure when we found out that we had been picked for Christmas for cancer families. It was such a neat experience and we felt all the love and feel so blessed to have experiences such a charity. All of our love goes out to those that made this happen for myself and my family.

Sharon Fraser

Christmas For Cancer Families is LITERALLY heaven sent to so many of us here on earth! Jackie and her volunteers have been serving angels to the community and especially those families in need! As a General Contractor and someone who has worked with Jackie, our company has seen many special miracles happen. We have been involved in projects where timelines and obstacles seem to be tight, but we all manage to pull through and witness blessings. We look forward in continuing to partner up with CFCF in our further projects!

Daniel Paniagua

Owner, Pan Homes LLC

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